The task of building a successful brand can sound daunting, but if you approach it with a well-defined brand building strategy, it becomes much easier. Brand building is a complicated concept that begins with getting your brand noticed. But it can’t just stop there. Successful brand building means getting the people who notice you to stick around by clearly communicating what value your brand will have to them. A good brand building strategy must encompass both parts of the branding process.


Define Your Brand

The first step of any brand building strategy is to develop a clear sense of how you want your brand to be perceived by its audience. If you cannot express what your brand is in a clear and concise manner, your audience will not be able to connect to the message you’re trying to send them. There are two main areas that you should draw upon when defining your brand: what your strengths are and what your values are. Make a list of what you think your company has to offer and write a few statements about how your company sees the world. From these lists, figure out what aspects you want potential customers to see first—these will help you build a successful brand.


Differentiate Your Brand

Take a look at your competition. What strengths and values are they selling themselves on? If those strengths and values are the same as the ones you have chosen, start over. An often tragically overlooked but critical part of brand building strategy is differentiation. Your company is more likely to get noticed if it is different. With this brand building strategy, you can stake out your own territory instead of fighting over the turf your competitors are already struggling over.


Take a Step Back

When you know what aspects of your brand you want to sell to potential customers, it’s time to take a step back and put yourself in their shoes. You need to find a brand building strategy that communicates the strengths and values you have chosen while explaining to the members of your target audience why your company will be useful in their daily lives. As you put together a visual identity, a company voice, and compelling content that will pull potential customers in and encourage them to stick around, you need to get out of your own head and see things from their perspective.

If you need help taking a step back from the company you’ve worked so hard to create, hiring outside help is often the best brand building strategy of all. At A Hundred Monkeys, we don’t know anything about you and your company, so we’re coming in with exactly the same knowledge that your audience will have. Since we see you as they see you, we’ll be able to develop a brand building strategy that communicates exactly what you want to get across. If you want to experience the difference that A Hundred Monkey’s human approach to brand building strategy can make, give us a call today.

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