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You’ve got the whole world in your brand

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A name ≠ a brand. Selecting a name is hard. It’s hard to get two, or four, or seven people to agree on any one thing, especially if that thing is a name. It’s hard because the name needs to work creatively and strategically — but it also needs to work legally. Seeking trademark protection…

Some of your associations with names are ridiculous

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We all have personal associations with names, so which ones really matter? Words take us to weird places What comes to mind when you hear the word “heatwave”? You might think of slow radiating waves of energy rolling across an electric blue sky, those lasers that come out of the Flash’s eyes, a microwave, The…

Someone Will Pronounce Your Name Wrong. And that’s fine.

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Seriously. Mispronunciation of your name isn’t the worst thing that could happen to your company, it’s not even close. Like most people, you’re probably thinking about your brand or product as some singular, perfect project – and that makes sense, you’ve been working on it for years. No matter the amount of effort you’ve put…

Oops, it’s perfect

Brands are just like humans. Because we, as humans, have not evolved mental structures for dealing with brands in any other way. Brands communicate to you constantly, the same way other animals communicate to you, chiefly other humans. So we use that same part of the brain and those same mental tools we use for…

Run Studio Run featured in Grain Edit

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Eli’s latest book Run Studio Run has been featured in Grain Edit, the modern graphic design inspiration blog.

Run Studio Run

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Creative people are not business people, huh? Creative Director, Eli Altman says otherwise in his new book, Run Studio Run.

The Burning Ears 2017

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If you arrived at this page you probably already know that we think about names a lot. We can’t help it. We’re passionate about naming. So it’s no wonder that when we come across “curious” or “odd” names in the wild we can’t help but take note. It was only a matter of time before…

The Guardians of Naming

Creative Director, Eli Altman sheds some light on how to create a stand-out business name with The Guardian.

Scaredy (under)pants

Fruit of the Loom can come up with cool names, they’re just afraid to use them. There’s a Fruit of the Loom ad that’s showing up on ESPN in which they’re promoting their new breathable underwear. Since these new underwear are “perfect,” they “need a name just as perfect.” Then, the witty and creative Fruit…

Should You Really Spend $1.5 Million On A Domain?

“Why did I spend 7+ years, hire 3 brokers, and send over 200 emails to buy the 82nd most expensive domain in history,” asks Noah Kagan at the start of his recent podcast. Titled “What I Learned Spending $1.5 Million on,” the podcast goes into the details of Kagan’s huge purchase. The marketing personality…