Don’t Call It That: A Naming Workbook

By Eli Altman
December 31, 2013
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After 18 months of hard work, Don’t Call It That is finally here!

don't call it that

Don’t Call It That is a naming workbook written by our Creative Director, Eli Altman, and published by ExtraCurricular Press. This isn’t a book about naming, it’s a step-by-step guide that walks you through the naming process– covering everything from creativity and positioning to trademark and URLs.

We are humbled by the number of people who have wanted to work with us over the years. We’re a small team and can only take a fraction of the many amazing projects that come our way. Don’t Call It That is an insight into our process. And hopefully it’s a way to come up with awesome names on your own.

Check out the book here:

book_in_use_web don't call it that book