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On Naming It Right The First Time

  Changing names is tricky. At the very least, a name change is going to leave you changing signage and ordering some new business [...]

The NFL Wouldn’t Rename the Redskins, So We Did

Does your name offend a substantial number of human beings? Is it an outdated, horrible slang term from the early 19th century? Is it [...]

Rebranding: Companies that Succeeded

There are many things to consider when rebranding companies. A rebrand might simply consist of a new logo, or even just updated colors. [...]

Girls: the best reality show on television.

The phrase “Reality TV” is up there with the most misused phrases in the English language. What part of Reality TV is [...]

IKEA gets tongue-tied in Thailand

Do you speak Thai? What about Swedish? If you answered yes to both, IKEA could really use your help. The ready-to-assemble furniture [...]

Don’t Call It Anything: House Bills and Hurricanes

Even without Katrina and Audrey, hurricanes with female names are twice as deadly as their masculine counterparts, according to a [...]

The Difficulties of Brand Building Online

These days, a strong online presence is essential to establishing any kind of successful brand. Whether you’re starting a fresh new [...]

Should you rename your business? Check our flow chart

Deciding to rename your business is a pretty big decision. Do you have too much brand equity? Too many stakeholders? Does your name [...]

Sara Lee wants more meat

Sara Lee is trading in her bag of flour for a bottle of barbecue sauce. The company — once known for its homely breads and [...]

Name dropping leaves Google in hot water with Iran

Somewhere along the way, Google isn’t sure exactly when, the Persian Gulf became the world’s most important body of water [...]