Naming is your first and best chance to get someone’s attention. You could throw words on a whiteboard and see what sticks, or you could hire people that name every day. Our process is fast, painless, and designed to make names that are anything but ordinary.

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Writing brings your name and your company to life. As a team of writers, we’ve done everything from taglines to entire websites — we know the process, we know the pitfalls, and if it’s in English, we know how to write it.

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People have personalities, and companies have brands. We start with this fundamental assumption, and then we use tools like positioning and messaging to get the attention of people you want to attract.

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Naming Architecture

Big businesses name a lot of things. Easy to get out of control. We dig into everything, then create a system and a structure so all the names work together. The goal? An architecture so easy to understand that it’s practically invisible.

Name Assessment

Before you take the leap, get an idea of what’s on the other side. Transforming hundreds of names into brands has taught us the difference between an interesting word and a name you can build on. Let us show you where your name can take you.

Brand Assessment

You have a brand whether you like it or not. We’ll take a sharp, honest outsider’s look at what you’ve built, and then we’ll show you what’s working and where you can do better.

Naming Workshop

For companies that need a name yesterday, we’ve designed a one-day workshop that starts with customized interviews and ends with names to send in for legal review. It doesn’t get faster than this.

Positioning Workshop

Sociologists call the proper balance between fitting in and standing out the “acceptable deviation from the norm.” We just call it positioning. We’ll map out the space you compete in, identify competitive gaps, and reposition your brand — all in one day.

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