Choosing a beer should be as relaxing as drinking it.

You used to have three beer options: Miller, Coors, and Budweiser. So making a beer selection at the grocery store or your local watering hole was beyond simple. Enter the craft beer industry and those three options grew exponentially for beer drinkers.

Now selecting a beer is overwhelming. There are infinite types of beer and brewing techniques – and even more brands selling the stuff. There are Arrogant Bastards, Hop Monks, and double, triple, and septillion IPAs. And since craft beer is so popular, big companies are putting serious money behind small and medium-sized craft breweries, giving them a sharp marketing edge. Standing out in the brewery crowd has never been more difficult.

Personal Flavor Notes

Beer naming is an exercise in self discovery. It’s about knowing who you are, what you believe, and what you like. Our job is to take brewers down this path. It’s how we arrived at Bask, an earthy and bright genmaicha pale ale for friends and partners, Moniker. The San Francisco design agency wanted to bottle the feeling they got on a warm trip to Japan and tasked us with creating a name. Bask fit the bill. Or our mission to name a local San Francisco brewery that was playing mad scientist after mastering classic beer recipes. We thought Standard Deviant was a clever way to capture those multiple personalities. Naming a beer is all about knowing who you are and the people you want drinking your beer.

A Few Resources

Some of the best names in the beer industry

Midnight Sun

A great name in an industry filled to the brim with bad names. Midnight Sun goes deeper than most. It isn’t simply about flavor notes, outrageousness, or the amount of hops crammed into a single beer. Midnight Sun is about brightening up your evening with a cold brew.

Standard Deviant

We think this name is tops – and not just because we came up with it. The owner of this local San Francisco brewery is fascinated by science and beer. He takes classic beer recipes, perfects them, then gives them a swift kick in the teeth. It’s about radical new takes on dusty old standards.

We thought you may have questions...

This is a venn diagram with quite a bit of overlap. But these two substances can differ greatly in usage and  brand story. While beer is primarily for leisure, cannabis can be used for both leisure, medicine, and more. The trick is to know your audience and what they want.

You want to evoke the right emotion. Your name is the chance for you to represent your personality and brand essence as a brewing company to a broad audience. That said, it’s important to consider trademark classes and what that means for your product and brand. Depth charges abound, we can help you navigate these waters.

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