Say something worth listening to.

In the new, expansive cannabis space, you need to plant a flag in the ground and stake territory that speaks to who you are and why people should care.


Whether you’re a second-generation Humboldt cannabis farmer or an edibles company focused on wellness, it’s crucial to have a set of beliefs that are baked in to your brand. What is your relationship to the history of marijuana culture, if any? Does your brand have any marketing relationship to weed at all? How do you want people to feel, beyond, well, feeling stoned or lifted? What is your brand attitude? Who do you want buying your product? These types of questions strip your brand down to the bare metal, exposing what’s underneath. The answers are already there. We help you tease them out.

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A few thoughts on some of the best names in the cannabis industry

Electric Lettuce

Not our name but one of the best names in the cannabis industry. Our friends at OMFGCO nailed it with Electric Lettuce. Like every good name it’s just the tip of the iceberg: there’s a cool, well thought out, and beautiful brand to be discovered once you dive into these chilly waters .

Old Pal

Again, not our name but still one of the best we’ve come across, and a great brand to boot. Old Pal sells the type of cannabis that’s actually really hard to find these days: “middies” or middle-of-the-road in terms of quality at reasonable prices, made for sharing. Simple.

We thought you may have questions...

Cannabis is being marketed to all areas – leisure to medical to therapeutic cannabis. You need to understand your audience beyond cannabis users who want a good buzz.

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