Cannabis is here to stay.

When you hear “cannabis industry” it’s hard not to imagine an industry built on selling dime bags and plastic bongs. But the legal marijuana market is vast. This new space incorporates entire cannabis industry brands selling flowers and concentrates, big grow operations, vape accessories, small family-owned farms, medical marijuana, grow collectives, institutional research facilities, media publications, and testing centers. And the reason people consume cannabis is broad, from leisure to wellness. Potent gummies to topical creams to throat lozenges – and everything in between.


In this burgeoning industry, brands can be whomever they want. The biggest challenge we see facing marijuana naming and cannabis branding is the trepidation to explore the entire scope of marijuana marketing. Cannabis brands can now build any brand they want and evoke any feeling they want. There’s a brave new world of legalized, recreational marijuana out there – we want cannabis brands to discover it.

What’s your personal brand strain?

Even in this new expansive space, you need to plant a flag in the ground.

Whether you’re a wellness vape pen company or a second-generation Humboldt cannabis farmer, you have a set of personal characteristics and beliefs that need to be cultivated and harvested. What is your relation to the history of marijuana culture, if any? Does your brand have any marketing relation to weed at all? How do you want people to feel, beyond, well, feeling stoned? What is your brand attitude? Who do you want buying your product? These types of questions strip your brand down to the bare metal, exposing what’s underneath. The answers are already there. We help you tease them out.

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Cannabis is being marketed to all areas – leisure to medical to therapeutic cannabis. You need to understand your audience beyond cannabis users who want a good buzz.

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